Training Tips

Although each behavior has its own set of steps to achieve results, there are some general rules to help you become a better trainer (and your dog a better behaved pup).

1.    Patience — children don’t learn the first time, nor do elephants, dolphins, you nor I — so let’s be patient with our dogs when they don’t get it right away!

Because of her owners’ patience and persistence, Moxie learned to hold a Down/Stay AND ‘Leave It” by the words written in smelly tempting FOOD!

2.    Practice, Practice, Practice!— This helps us all learn!  This doesn’t mean repeating the same exercise until you want to scream, and it certainly doesn’t mean repeating training that isn’t working, but it does mean working with your dog every day for at least 15 minutes.  Two or three five minute sessions are often more effective than one 30 minute session!

Bella keeps her leash loose as her handler changes direction and speed!

3.    Be Generous — have a fast and generous hand with treats (rewards) when you get the behavior you want but be sure you know what you are rewarding!

4.    Be consistent — especially when you practice, practice, practice!

5.    Visualize the two of you successfully going through the routine — it will add to your confidence and the clarity of your training.  That travels down the leash to your dog!

A small black and white dog sits inside a heart made of sprinkled rose petals.

Haley showing her happy sit/stay for her owner Mark.

6.    Be sincere when you praise — dogs generally know when we’re faking it.  Let yourself rejoice in their success and yours — including — maybe especially — the small steps!

Oliver the Spaniel

Oliver the Spaniel was going blind when he was adopted from the shelter and his wonderful owners knew Oliver and they would need some pointers for when his sight was gone completely.  So they got Caryl-Rose in to help train them all, so that although he is now without any sight, he can still enjoy walks and play time.  Oliver plays wonderful games with his owners, finds toys and treats by sniffing them out, and has great confidence finding his way around his home, yard and on leash walks everywhere!