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Deanne and Elizabeth from South Deefield, MA

We are so fortunate to be working with Caryl-Rose.  She seemed to “get” our new rescue dog CeeCee right from the beginning.  Caryl-Rose is empathetic and always positive.  We also really appreciate the way she works with us (CeeCee’s humans)–understanding that we don’t always get things the first time around and that we all need a lot of practice.  Caryl-Rose has really paved the way for us to develop this amazing bond with our dog.

A large brown dog.

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Marybeth and their dog Murphy from Amherst, MA

Murphy, who has fear aggression and acts out toward strangers immediately accepted Caryl-Rose.  She taught us the way for Murphy to accept our visitors and overcome his fear!

A Beagle dog reclines on a dog bed.

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Robin and Leigh of South Deerfield, MA

Moxie LOVES her Caryl-Rose!  That in itself speaks volumes about her teaching style and relationship she has with her “students.”  We first met CR when our French Bulldog, Moxie, was 14 weeks old and we enrolled in Puppy Primer.  We’ve enjoyed numerous classes and home sessions as well.  Our little french diva is very intelligent but often has her own ideas about life and can be quite challenging.  With CR’s patient, uncomplicated, positive direction, Moxie achieved her Canine Good Citizen title at age 2.  We will continue to educate ourselves and Moxie with CR’s guidance, as it truly makes a difference in her demeanor:  she’s happy, content, and less mischievous!

A French Bulldog wears a green dog coat.

Moxie says, “I’m so pretty in my coat!”

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Dina, from Chicopee, MA

I love working with Caryl-Rose; she really understands my dog’s behavior. Her enthusiasm is amazing and we have learned SO much from her.”Bella learns ‘shake paw’ as a polite way to greet humans!

A light brown dog shakes hands with a woman with brown hair.

Bella learns to ‘shake paw’ so she’ll know a poliite way to greet humans!

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Kitty and her dog Freddie from Amherst, MA

My dachshund Freddie profited hugely from Caryl-Rose’s firm but gentle training — and so did I! She’s inventive, sympathetic, and full of good ideas, and her understanding of the doggie mind is awesome. Our sessions were fun and productive. I really recommend her.

A small fuzzy black dog.

Freddie was such a shy dog in his new home until he blossomed using some confidence building exercises! His true, outgoing nature soon shone through!

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Jess from Amherst, MA

When we got our Boxer puppy one year ago we were overwhelmed by her energy and aggression.  We soon met Caryl-Rose and have worked with her almost weekly since then.  Caryl-Rose not only understands dogs but truly loves them.  She made training our dog fun and achievable.  We are grateful for Caryl-Rose’s steady presence in this adventure of helping our dog become an enjoyable family member.

A Boxer dog and a Boston Terrier sit next to each other.

Big and small, this junior handler trains them all!

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Kathy, formerly of Belchertown, MA

“We had put off owning a dog for years, until we felt we had some free time to really share with one.  We found ourselves in love with our little rescue dog from our first meeting but that didn’t mean we had the knowledge, skills, or understanding to live with him peacefully.  For that, we needed help from our trainer Caryl-Rose, and her help was utterly essential to get us through the noisy barking of fear-aggression at any visitor, separation anxiety created by our work schedules, daunting potty accidents on oriental rugs.  We feel so triumphant and lucky to have gotten through such hard times and to now have the sweetest, most loving, and most adequately charmingly-behaved pup that we dreamed of.  We couldn’t have got here without all the patient and expert help from Caryl-Rose.

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Fran, now of Cambridge, MA

Caryl-Rose has both professional skill and common sense — a winning combination for the humans and dogs lucky enough to work with her. She knows how to build confidence in her clients as well.

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