Services and Fees

To meet your needs and your dog’s, Caryl-Rose offers both private in-home training and behavior sessions and also small group classes.

Private Training

My Dog, LLC offers private sessions to current/returning clients or by referral only. Group classes have open enrollment.

There are behavior assistance sessions offered in your home for:

  • behavior issues (excessive shyness, aggression, barking, digging, lapses in house-training
  • remedial training (re-training a dog to come on cue, or re-teaching loose leash walking)
  • general canine manners (nice leash walking, polite greetings, no jumping, sit, down, stay, coming when called)
  • puppy training and troubleshooting — if you have a new puppy and a puppy class doesn’t meet your needs (whether that’s a scheduling issue or specific concerns), now is the moment to start on the right foot and schedule private in-home sessions for your pup and the family to avoid potential pitfalls before they start or get on the right track if things aren’t going well!
  • newly adopted dog — if you’ve recently adopted a dog and want to understand better who this dog is and how to work with them, don’t delay in scheduling private in-home sessions to address your specific concerns and situations.

After you book your first appointment with My Dog, please print and complete the application form and remember to have it ready at your first session!

Fee schedule for in-home private training

Single Sessions:
  • 1-hour single Show Me How session (additional time is pro-rated) $70
  • 4- one-hour sessions $260
  • 6- one-hour sessions $360

Payment is due at the close of the first session and may be made by cash or check.

NOTE:  10% discount is offered to seniors (canine or human), military personnel, SSI/SSDI recipients, and for dogs adopted from shelters/rescues within the last two years.

Group Classes

Caryl-Rose teaches group classes in Hadley at Dave’s Soda City. For schedules, information and registration for those classes, pick up the current flyer at Dave’s or email

All class dogs must be dog and human friendly, up to date on inoculations, in good health at class, and not in season (heat).  Private sessions may be arranged for dogs not yet ready for group classes.

Basic Manners

Introduction to sit, down, stay, come!, polite greetings, good leash walking, name recognition, and more!
6 sessions

Intermediate Manners

Build skills from Basic to be reliable in real life situations; add new skills such as doorway manners, “leave it,” vet and grooming exercises, and more!
6 sessions


Good Leash WalkingComing When Called

Polite Greetings

Canine Good Citizen Prep and Test

Scent Work


PLUS New courses are added regularly!

To contact Caryl-Rose to discuss which option would be better for you, email or leave a message at 413-256-3647 (DOGS).


Photo courtesy of Gatsby Dog Photography.