Positive Pet Dog Training

Robin and Leigh of South Deerfield, MA

Moxie LOVES her Caryl-Rose!  That in itself speaks volumes about her teaching style and relationship she has with her “students.”  We first met CR when our French Bulldog, Moxie, was 14 weeks old and we enrolled in Puppy Primer.  We’ve enjoyed numerous classes and home sessions as well.  Our little french diva is very intelligent but often has her own ideas about life and can be quite challenging.  With CR’s patient, uncomplicated, positive direction, Moxie achieved her Canine Good Citizen title at age 2.  We will continue to educate ourselves and Moxie with CR’s guidance, as it truly makes a difference in her demeanor:  she’s happy, content, and less mischievous!

A French Bulldog wears a green dog coat.

Moxie says, “I’m so pretty in my coat!”


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