Positive Pet Dog Training

Kathy, formerly of Belchertown, MA

“We had put off owning a dog for years, until we felt we had some free time to really share with one.  We found ourselves in love with our little rescue dog from our first meeting but that didn’t mean we had the knowledge, skills, or understanding to live with him peacefully.  For that, we needed help from our trainer Caryl-Rose, and her help was utterly essential to get us through the noisy barking of fear-aggression at any visitor, separation anxiety created by our work schedules, daunting potty accidents on oriental rugs.  We feel so triumphant and lucky to have gotten through such hard times and to now have the sweetest, most loving, and most adequately charmingly-behaved pup that we dreamed of.  We couldn’t have got here without all the patient and expert help from Caryl-Rose.


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