Positive Pet Dog Training

Jodi and Lisa from Pelham, MA

Caryl-Rose has been both our and our dog Raji’s teacher since he was months old. Similar to the guidance of a sage, we were taught how to work, and re-work, our training of Raji. He was a tremendous challenge from day one, but his loveliness and true nature was always celebrated. In a few months Raji will be 2 years old, and has grown into an amazing, loving and well behaved animal.  Of course, there are always challenges and ne w focuses with his training, but he completes our life.  Caryl-Rose is intuitive, extremely knowledgeable and very patient with Raji and his ever learning parents….We value her presence in our lives immensely.

A black dog leaps into a pond.

Raji leaps with energy! He’s learning more and more control. Always a work in progress…and always deeply loved.


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