Positive Pet Dog Training

Brenda and her dog Minga from Brattleboro, VT

My pup Minga is a fearful dog. She has made great progress in the 3 years since I rescued her. She was fearful of everything, cars, trucks, loud noises, we have worked through a lot of those through CC/DC. She still has fears that will probably be with her her whole life. I accept that. The ones that I can work through are the ones that are important. Minga was attacked almost a year ago by an off leash dog. The progress that we had made to that point was broken. I tried to put her back into workshops, take her for short stays. She was so very reactive to other dogs that I would walk her very early in the morning or in other places that she would not meet other dogs. Her world had changed, she couldn’t walk on trails that would potentially have unleashed dogs. I became fearful. Then through a great trainer and friend I was introduced to Caryl-Rose, we worked on Minga’s reactivity towards other dogs, I got a new lead, which has helped a lot. BAT teaches you how to loop the lead so you can let it out as your dog progresses. Today was such a great day, after all the work we have done with Caryl-Rose, Minga and I are very good. I feel empowered and confident and most importantly my girl has been given tools to go, sorry not go, but move forward. We still have work to do, but will do that with confidence and your help CR. Great progress with my girl.

A small brown and white dog sits in snow.


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